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ICT training from PrimaryWise is designed to facilitate two key areas:

  1. Developing the ICT capability of teachers, teaching assistants, support staff ... and pupils!
  2. Improving learning and teaching across the curriculum

In the past decade millions of pounds has been invested in ICT by schools through generous Government funding initiatives.  Attempts to provide staff with the necessary skills and understanding to make most effective use of this investment have met with varied levels of success.  Some readers may remember NOF!

Chris Flanagan has been an acknowledged leader and innovator in the use of ICT in schools for over 20 years. Tap into his extensive knowledge and expertise by contacting PrimaryWise to discuss possibilities of taking your school, its staff and pupils, forward in the use of ICT ......

Using digital media, including video, across the curriculum

  • Developing Visual & Digital Literacies
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Using Digital Movie Maker & other video/MP4 cameras

ICT in subject specific areas

  •  e.g. data logging in Science, digital creativity in Art, digital 'mind-mapping' to support writing

Using core software tools across the curriculum

  • Creative use of Microsoft Office, SoftEase and other core tools for publishing, communication, presenting, managing and manipulating information
  • Developing Core Skills in the use of the above
  • Interactive Whiteboard Training (Smartboards a speciality!)

Excellence & Enjoyment through ICT

  • All training provided by PrimaryWise keeps the immportance of E&E firmly in mind.  ICT has many other associated 'e-words':
    engaging, enhancing, embracing, extending, e-confidence, exciting .... you'll probably think of plenty more!

Leading & managing ICT in schools

  •  As an accredited trainer / facilitator on the recent NCSL Strategic Leadership in ICT (SLICT) programme for four years Chris can tailor consultancy and training to meet the needs of any primary school, working with key staff on the leadership team, ICT coordinators and Governors

Building effective school websites

  • A customised training programme / session to help your school move forward with maximising the potential of your website, whatever its platform or sofware base

ICT for Teaching Assistants

Developing the skills of TAs in this area is vital if their role in supporting learning and teaching in the classroom is to be fully effective.  Sadly, evidence shows that it remains an area where confidence is generally low.  The good news is that scores of TAs Chris has worked with over the last couple of years say that they are only too willing to learn .... given the chance!